My own Music Work

Here you can find my entire discography of my own work. My music from 2002 to present includes happy hardcore, eurodance and trance and since 2008 I also make electronic power metal and video game soundtrack. The albums can be purchased and/or streamed on Bandcamp, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. Sometimes, they are even available physically in CD format!


Illegal Music Chemistry II

Full-Length Albums

Epic Journey through the Galaxy
(January 30, 2007)
My debut album, if we exclude the two Omnidance cassettes from 2003. Songs from the tapes were included on this new album, alongside newer songs. The same formula would prevail for the next four albums. The music genres included on this release are eurodance (90’s style), happy hardcore, trance and gabber.

Journey through the Moon Dark Side
(March 31, 2007)
Eurodance, trance, happy hardcore and UK hardcore. Originally released as Dark Side of the Moon and renamed shortly after.

Enter the Dream World
(July 21, 2007)
Eurodance, trance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore and speedcore

Angel in the Stars
(December 1, 2007)
Eurodance, trance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore and speedcore

It’s the End of Time
(September 30, 2008)
Eurodance, trance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore and speedcore

Destiny Knight
(January 30, 2009)
Eurodance, trance, happy hardcore, melodic speedcore, gabber and video game soundtrack. This is the first of my albums to include at least one song that is neither dance or rave music.

Tales of the Knight of the Moon
(December 15, 2011)
This album and the next one is a major change in direction in my music making, as they are both entirely electronic power metal rather than the usual EDM or rave music.

Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga (Special Edition)
(August 2, 2014)
Electronic power metal

In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust
(February 16, 2017)
A return to my roots in some ways, with an album almost entirely made of UK hardcore, with a few happy hardcore and eurodance songs. This album was released with the following album simultaneously.

Illegal Music Chemistry
(February 16, 2017)
Released with the previous album simultaneously, Illegal Music Chemistry contains experimental, ambient and previously lost or unreleased songs from 2003 to 2009, along with chiptune and video game soundtrack. Most 2003 songs are direct cassette rips that were remastered.

Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
(December 15, 2017)
Starting with Hardcore Spectrum Disorder, I now include both power metal and EDM in the same album. This album features electronic power metal, video game soundtrack, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, eurodance, trance and ambient music.

Maze of Life
(January 22, 2019)
Electronic power metal, video game soundtrack, UK hardcore, eurodance, trance and experimental music.

Hardcore Bloodbath
(December 25, 2019)
Electronic power metal, UK hardcore, happy hardcore, eurodance, trance and gabber.


Ride the 90’s
(February 14, 2020)
Eurodance, trance and happy hardcore.


Hardcore Armageddon
(DJ Mix) (August 13, 2007)
A DJ mix of my happy hardcore and UK hardcore releases up to Summer 2007.

A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012)
(April 23, 2012)
An happy hardcore and UK hardcore compilation of 35 songs.

A Decade of Omnidance (2002-12)
(November 7, 2012)
A compilation of eurodance, trance and UK hardcore.


Superstar Hero – The Original Soundtrack
(May 2, 2019)
Superstar Hero was my first game to feature only my music. Most of the soundtrack is inspired by video games of the 90’s, especially from the Turbografx-16/PCEngine, Super Nintendo, Sega CD and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

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