New eurodance

Recently I have released a remix of my song The Ballad Song that Goes Bersek. It’s called The Eurodance Song that Goes Bersek. Listen to it at  41 total views, …

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New Hardcore Music!

I have released new music! It’s not on my website yet but you can listen to both tracks below: Clouded Future (UK Hardcore Remix) Speedcorama  89 total views

 89 total views

New artworks

I added new artworks on the Art page. All of them are music album cover art, but you will notice several unused artwork there.  221 total views

 221 total views

French section finally done!

I am happy to announce that the website is now bilingual, with the French section completed. It took quite a while and progressed slowly but I’m happy that it’s done. …

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French version of website underway

Good news: My website is now bilingual and partially available in French! Some sections are still incomplete there (My own music work and the TI-82 Plus, 83 Plus and 84 …

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